SecretAgent Pro

SecretAgent Pro 3.8

A program to monitor and record PC activities

SecretAgent Pro is a Windows based utility program that can monitor and record desktop activities when you are away from your PC. This application can save screenshots of activities performed by other users when you are away from your PC.

SecretAgent Pro can capture records and screenshots of almost any application from websites, chats and emails to video games, but captured records are not saved as images on your PC.

You can easily remove the files with a USB drive and check them from a different computer. Unlike its basic version, SecretAgent Pro can be configured to keep records of keystrokes as well.

This information will be recorded to an application window and then stored in a webpage file. You can easily check the rules and records with a general browser.

This software program has been successfully tested for operation on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista. It requires Microsoft Net Framework v. 3.

5 to run. In short, SecretAgent Pro is a useful program for anyone who works in a public environment and needs to keep track of other users’ activities on their PC.

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SecretAgent Pro


SecretAgent Pro 3.8

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